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Taunustower in Frankfurt am Main

Project Taunustower in Frankfurt am Main. Where 2 Wolff 355b were climbed to a height of 185m. We also climbed at night for safety reasons. Last summer we climbed down one...

Potain Antwerpen


Wolff crane Brussel


Wilbert Crane Duisburg


Utrecht Wolff


Wolff 355b luffercranes Rotterdam

Project The Rotterdam. After 3 years of mounting, climbing and dismantling again of 5 Wolff luffercranes this project was finished in June 2013. Equipement 3 Wolff 224b at an...

Wolff 60140 Netherland

Erecting and telescoping a Wolff 60140 crane. This project was fullfilled in the Netherlands.

Potain MD900 Norway

Erection of a Potain MD900 crane in Norway. Dissambling counter and renewing slewing ring.

Potain MC180 in Rwanda

For our client we erected an Potain MC180 crane in Rwanda. We did two erectings: one  in 2007 and one in 2009

Peiner SK 500 in Norway

For our client we did a desamby of a Peiner SK 500 crane in Norway